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Outsourcing Nepal, IT Company Nepal completes testing of Logistic Software

Outsourcing Nepa, IT Company in Nepal has recently completed the testing of Logistic Software. IT has been developing the software for Valley Cold Store of Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Since the development of the software, the development team has been doing their best to complete the development process in very minimal time span. Outsourcing Nepal is glad to announce that it has complete the development of first alpha version in just 15 days. It was estimated to last for two months but as the client set the lunch of the software too near, the development team was compelled to work hard and complete the project in time.

As the project was completed in very short time, valley cold store is please to reward outsourcing Nepal for it. A certificate for appreciation in next week.

Outsourcing Nepal, has been involved in software development clients since 2006 with joint collabration with WSI. IT has helped WSI in development of “Finance Management Software” which has been used in nearly 150 co-operative offices and finance companies in Kathmandu.

If you want to have some helping hands on your development works, we surely recommend Outsourcing Nepal.

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Google Search Engine Position Checker, Outsourcing Nepal


Are you a webmaster? Ever needed a tool to find search engine position? Are you sure your desired keyword is ranking good in google?

If you are a webmaster and working for SEO works, I am sure that you are concern about checking the google search result position. Its been a long time we finding few  free tools for finding the position of our website with specified keyword on google. We need a tool which can provide the estimation of our website ranking with our desired keyword.

Thanks to Outsourcing Nepal Team, which has provided us with a tool which can be used to estimate the search engine result position. We have tested it with few keywords and websites. Its working quite good. We are thinking, its the right tool to check the google search result position with specific keyword.

You can even give a try and comment here:

URL: Google Search Engine Result Position Checker [GSERP]

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Hotel Reservation System

We are glad to announce you that we have started building hotel reservation system. We have completed our study phase and we have drive in to the development phase. We are hoping this project to complete in 1 month.

This system will help any hotel authorities to make reservation easy by looking the reservation chart and even track the customer with their visiting history too. We have modules for agents, customers and administrators. We have three different types of users: reception, accounts and administrators. We will be discussing our more features in detail later in our release version with demo.

We have built this system with rich interface design as front end and sql server for supporting the enterprise environment of the client.

We will be publishing our release notes soon. We will be making its download available via: outsourcing nepal