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Outsourcing Nepal Server now even powerful

Congratulation… Outsourcing Nepal for making one more effort on keeping its server more powerful and live.

We recently came to know that Outsourcing Nepal server has been monitored wisely with few third party server even for its uptime and working function through:

Its a great news to its customers that now it can even have good response time.

Once again we would like to congratulate Outsourcing Nepal for its services





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Google Search Engine Position Checker, Outsourcing Nepal


Are you a webmaster? Ever needed a tool to find search engine position? Are you sure your desired keyword is ranking good in google?

If you are a webmaster and working for SEO works, I am sure that you are concern about checking the google search result position. Its been a long time we finding few  free tools for finding the position of our website with specified keyword on google. We need a tool which can provide the estimation of our website ranking with our desired keyword.

Thanks to Outsourcing Nepal Team, which has provided us with a tool which can be used to estimate the search engine result position. We have tested it with few keywords and websites. Its working quite good. We are thinking, its the right tool to check the google search result position with specific keyword.

You can even give a try and comment here:

URL: Google Search Engine Result Position Checker [GSERP]

Customer Support, Page Rank, SEO

Contragulation to Outsourcing Nepal for getting its page rank higher

We would like to congratulate Outsourcing Nepal team for getting its page rank higher. To increase page rank alot of people try with different tools. In long span of time too they fail to gain higher page rank. But our outsourcing nepal team is delighted with its page rank in too short span of time. It was then in mid April 2011 that it just started its services and still the site is being developed. Till today’s date it has became successful in gaining its page rank higher than others.


We once more would like to congratulate its SEO team for increasing its page rank in short duration. If you would like to increase your page rank in short span of time then you can also contact its SEO Team. They are available round the clock for your help in reasonable price. You can make monthly contract or project basis contract. For more information:


Twilo SMS Application

Outsourcing Nepal successfully tested Twilo SMS Application. We can now send SMS to any mobile anywhere using Twilo SMS gateway.

Twilo SMS gateway provides easy integration of SMS services in our website. Its far easy but that sample code fails to be object oriented. So we have managed the sample code and created a Twilo SMS Singleton class which is easy to use and fully object oriented.

Outsourcing Nepal has been writing php classes for making tasks easy and simplified for performing any job. Those class are portable and can be used in any projects you like. Outsourcing nepal doesn’t limit its use and extension.

You can test our SMS System from

In order to perform system for genuine purpose we have implemented manual number verification. So that only genuine users can use the system to send the sms to verified number. If you want to send sms to your number then please write email request with subject “twilo sms application” to Outsourcing Nepal at

We are in further development of the system and we will write the progress and release the updates in future.