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Email POP3 Server Timeout


You cannot download and receive e-mail messages by using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. You receive an error message stating the pop3 server has not responded or has timed out.

Cause One of the main reasons to this error is usually due to the fact that your email client is trying to download an attachment that is too large to be downloaded via dialup.

Another reason for this error is when you are utilizing a program with email scanning enabled. This applies only to Outlook Express 6.0


For the first issue, go to and log on using your username and password. Once you are logged in you will see the mail waiting to be delivered to your email client. Download and save the large attachment, then delete and purge your trash folder. You can then retrieve and view the other messages via Outlook Express.

If you are still having a problem and you are utilizing an email scanning program, you must go into the Email Scanning options and disable that feature.

You can also extend your server timeout session by clicking on Tools, Accounts, Properties, Advanced, and moving the slider bar to the right.